Wireless Sensor Networks for Ubiquitous World
  The rapid growth of the latest IT technology is evolving traditional computing environment such as personal & internet based computing into ubiquitous computing environment. Ubiquitous computing is a paradigm shift where technology becomes virtually invisible in our lives.

Instead of having a desk-top or lap-top machine, the technology we use will be embedded and pervasive in our environment. Therefore it requires each device or computer to be intelligent.

When the environment is recognized through a context-aware computing technology, the all connected devices will make up the smart space autonomically. The Ubiquitous Sensor Networks is a future oriented concept integrated with an existing sensor, network and computing technologes.

MAXFOR has leaded Korean IT industry market for wired and wireless network infra and next generation multimedia technology next generation multimedia technology in 2002. In addition, MAXFOR is creating sensor network market with their new TIP series cooperating with KETI(Korea Electronics Technology Institute) recently.

In today's fast-paced business environment, MAXFOR will be a world class IT manufacturer through leading technology, creating killer application and a high level of customer service.

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